This book includes one short story entitled 'Story', a collection of poems written over January 2014 in Seoul, and a longer fiction piece entitled 'Veronica's Bo Bo'. Each piece is stylistically different, a small exhibit of my writing interests and directions at this point. I am interested in the way insular things like perception and feeling externalize through the writer and the medium, and how chaos can compress via externalization and be quieted. I find the editing process to be a problem-solving device to induce calm in chaos. This book is dedicated to making fruit salad, ending up with tripe, and wondering where things went wrong. This book is dedicated to lunch meat and all its mystery. Some parts of this book are dedicated to Seoul, Korea, purveyor of Spam, where I recently moved. All bits and pieces are works of fiction.
  • Published: 1393614840
  • Length: 66
  • Categories: KR

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