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Magnum Ego

Someone read this book and sent me a list of their thoughts in an email: – self obsession – domestic ennui – social ineptitude – imagined scenarios – confessional / documentary – schoolgirl nostalgia – low self esteem-core – “women’s issues” I said ‘haha thanks’ and felt so grateful

Rhys Nixon

Rhys Nixon is a writer who lives in Australia. He has been published in electric cereal, Gesture magazine, and posts occasionally on his blog,

It’s No Big Deal, I Don’t Mind

This book of poetry is trying to both look at the world around it, while at the same time being introspective. It looks outwardly and inwardly. There are experiments on the combination of what is observed and the thought processes behind what has been observed.

Katherine Botten

Katherine Botten, nothing nothing •zero zero i am happy 23 F positive trauma, 1% not scared of the future not scared of the future 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2025 2029 3033 6669 OFFLINE • Artist active practices: 25.05.’90 Melbourne, VIC ===== happy sad

Positive Trauma

‘Positive Trauma’ follows the story of a happy sun with sunglasses. you cant tell if the sun is crying when it is wearing sunglasses. PLUR, sunflower emoji, Lamotrogine 200mg daily. all the bad girls in the world who ruin everything, fuck shit up.

Anders Villani

Anders Villani was born in Melbourne. Twice a winner in the poetry category of the John Marsden Prize for Young Australian writers, he is currently an MFA candidate in the Helen Zell Writer’s Program, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


As much a call for help as a call to arms, Incandenza explores, through the lens of a single speaker, the challenges faced by the urbanised West in critical efforts to redraft a conjunctural and complementary relationship between the human and nonhuman world. Stylistically, the book fuses elements of the lyric, the devotional text, the… Read more »