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Space Administration

Space Administration plunders NASA’s voice transcription of the first day of the Apollo 11 moon mission, uncovering a book of conceptual poetry that reimagines the erasure process as “spacecraft” (which is to say, the “crafting of space”). The book envisions its writing process as a venture of space exploration. Readers encounter a void populated by… Read more »

Only Words to Play With

My poem is structured as a set of overlapping monologues made by (initially) five distinct voices, each of whose speech is uniquely arranged, but whose diction overlaps. As all the voices wish to dominate the others, they attempt to control the conversation by re-telling stories in different contexts, employing neologism and portmanteau, and by mis-reading… Read more »

world 1-1

“world 1-1” consists of the various tactics employed by both Craig Dodman and philip miletic to play through world 1-1 of nintendo’s classic NES title, Super Mario Bros. This is the well-known level that started it all and the game that influenced future platform games. World 1-1 may be the most basic and “easiest” of… Read more »

Natalie Lauchlan

Natalie Lauchlan is a student at the Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating from the school of Craft + Emerging Media in Spring 2014. Natalie has been exhibiting locally in Calgary in performance and installation media, and will be practicing in Iceland the Summer of 2014 as part of the Textìlsetur Island Residency in… Read more »

Daniel Toumine

Daniel Toumine (born May 13, 1989) is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, designer, and writer. His creative productions focus on contemporary life, technology, and the internet.

There Was Warning

A poem written by embroidering upon my bed-sheet, and then ripping the sheet into pages. The book embodies the 89 days of consecutive night-terrors I was subject to during the final 89 days of an abusive relationship. The dreams ended upon leaving the relationship, but the scars and effects of the abuse are felt daily.

The Hack Scribbler

I wrote this collection of poetry on my smartphone. It fed my judgmental, five second attention span for almost a year. Now as I look back, the body of work is very much a product of its environment. The poems were inspired by run of the mill, everyday situations in which I sampled my over… Read more »

Blare Coughlin

blare coughlin is six feet tall and lives in montreal. they go to school, eat, sleep, and write poetry sometimes. they have written a lot of ebooks and have been given the honour of being named beach sloth’s pick for the most promising new writer in alt lit. blare coughlin is not sure what alt… Read more »

Craig Dodman

Craig Dodman (b. 05/05/89) is a writer, an editor, and curator of the Grey Borders Reading series, living out of Niagara Falls. A graduate of Brock University, he has had creative work released in Steel Bananas, and dead (g)end(er). His leaflet Trinitite was published through Irregular Artifact Press, and his manuscript Proteus Looks into the… Read more »

Victoria Braun

Victoria Braun is a Calgary-based emerging artist and writer. Braun’s work is concerned with gender performance and how gender identity is constructed and portrayed, especially online. Social media is used to both construct gender and affect how gender is viewed. Braun’s work uses social media as a catalogue of our time that is indicative of… Read more »