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Seven Years

Poetry anthology “seven years” by sichuan literature and art publishing house in 2012. The collection includes I seven years from 2004 to 2011 selected 150 poems . This is my first book of poems, 14 to 21 years old this seven years of writing poetry witnessed my growth.

Yu Youyou

Yu Youyou (b. December 22, 1990, Sichuan) is a Capricorn. She started writing poetry in 2004 and has published one collection, Seven Years. She is based in Chengdu, where she does contradictory work and lives a divided life.

Flores para Muertos Ilustres

Flores para muertos ilustres it is a set of poems in prose where the death is the great protagonist. Public prominent figures, musicians, poets, and both police cases more acquaintances of chili, are the protagonists of this series of poetical epitaphs.


Poema breve de imágenes marítimas.

Julio Salamanca

Juan Santander Leal. Ha publicado “Allí estás” (2009) “Cuarzo” (2012) Agujas (2015), “La destrucción del mundo interior, que reúne sus trabajos anteriores (2015) e Hijos únicos (2016).

Julieta Marchant

Julieta Marchant (Santiago de Chile). Ha publicado “Urdimbre” (Ediciones Inubicalistas, 2009) y “Té de jazmín” (Marea Baja Ediciones, 2010). Cofundadora del sello de plaquettes Cuadro de Tiza Ediciones.

Sarah Oswald

Sarah Oswald, geboren 1993 in Zürich studiert Philosophie an der Universität Zürich.