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Edgar Campos

I’m a student in humanities at the Pompeu Fabra university, Barcelona. I find a great pleasure in wirting poetry. I also like to talk and meet people from all kinds. Very often, these two activities go together. Poetry is people talking in my head.

De dioses y otros vinos

“De dioses y otros vinos” is a song for optimism, following the ideas of Friederich Nietzsche, with whom I am in debt. The book is also a tribute to imagination.

Luna Miguel

Luna Miguel (b. 1990) is the author of the poetry books Being ill, Poetry is Not Dead, Sterile Thoughts, The Sailor’s Grave. Various selections of these works have been published in translation and abroad: Bluebird and Other Tattoos in the United States, Sick Muse in Italy, and Beyond Stillness in Argentina. She has also published… Read more »