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Philip Miletic

philip miletic (b. 06/17/89) is a writer and an english phd student at the university of waterloo. his fiction and poetry has appeared in the danforth review, poetry is dead (upcoming), ribbon pig, otoliths, indefinite space (upcoming), dead (g)end(er) and outlandish zine. he lives in kitchener.

world 1-1

“world 1-1” consists of the various tactics employed by both Craig Dodman and philip miletic to play through world 1-1 of nintendo’s classic NES title, Super Mario Bros. This is the well-known level that started it all and the game that influenced future platform games. World 1-1 may be the most basic and “easiest” of… Read more »

Oliver Doe

Oliver Doe was born in London in 1994, and raised with several dozen packets of pencils before carting himself off up north to fully ingrain himself in his passions of painting, writing and music.


A collection of poems and writings from 2011-2014. A collections of shadows, memories and traces from times past.

Faye Green

I am an artist and writer currently based in Newcastle, UK. Last year I graduated from the Fine Art BA program at Newcastle University, and then went on to win the the Converse/Dazed Emerging Artist Award 2013 before taking part in a research-based residency in Berlin, Germany. I am endlessly fascinated by mimicry, the body,… Read more »


NOT TO DISCOU[RAGE] YOU surrounds the illicit learning of a forbidden dance. A delicate thievery, a swallowing down into the belly… the remnants of a dance unseen, undanced, but held in the body like a fever. The work explores a kind of haunting, the delirious desire to inhabit a dance, THE dance – Yvonne Rainer’s… Read more »

Jazmine Linklater

Jazmine Linklater is an artist and writer, working towards a BA Honours degree in Creative Writing at The University of Greenwich, London. Her studies are focused on poetry and short story writing. Her artistic practice is centred around language, with a focus on semi-autobiographical, illustrative and performative works. Over the course of 2013/14 Jazmine has… Read more »