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Cláudio Rodrigues

Cláudio is an aspiring young poet looking for a novel comprehension of sensations inside literary concepts. The desconstruction of human nature and the attempt to recreate a simple connection to natural metamorphosis of individual intelligences seem to play a crucial role on the development of his poetry and on the autonomous life of his poems.

André M. Correia

My name is André Correia. I am 23 years old and I like to read and write poetry since I was 15. I like to think of myself as a painter rather than a writer. If pictures can tell a thousand words, the words also can paint. The days that pass me by are my… Read more »

O Soluço da Máquina Hipotérmica

This book is divided in three chapters, twelve poems each. Its title, which in english means The Machine Hypothermic Hiccup, reflects what we all of us are: machinery, with some remnants of humanity. At times we still tremble with cold or fear. But we follow. Because sob is not solution.