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“art&education” is an edited reader of’s 2012 MA and MFA program announcements.

AJ Urquidi

AJ Urquidi hails from Monterey, California. He studied Creative Writing and Film at UCLA and guerrilla writing in the streets of NYC. He is currently earning his MFA in Poetry from Cal State Long Beach. His poems have appeared in Westwind Literary Journal, Autolycus: rogue literary journal, Circle Poetry Journal, Bird’s Thumb, and volume two… Read more »

the mouth sounds such hauntings

About this “Book” What you are about to read (or are considering reading, or have accidentally begun to read) is a collection of poems composed between 2012 and 2014. “UNTOLD,” “the mouth sounds such hauntings,” and “Windoor” were all written for reading experiences designed for Brown University’s immersive, virtual reality CAVE environment and have been… Read more »

Dana Kopel

Dana Kopel is a curator, writer and poet based in New York. She was an Assistant Curator for the Maldives Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale. Exhibitions she has curated or co-curated include Where it looks like itself (TEMP Art Space, NY, 2013), Sol Sistere (TEMP Art Space, NY, 2013), and Cake Art (The Ho_se, Brooklyn, 2012);… Read more »

A Quest for Questions is a book that is funny exciting and can show you anyone can make a book. If you think abook about questions is boring than you haven’t met EO_crafterman and D2-D2.Youll laugh out loud at our funny book where we search on a quest for questions!

Jose Escabí

Jose Escabi is currently finishing his B.A. in English at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez. He has had his poetry published in the student-run magazine [Id]entidad. He aspires to continue his education all the way to the doctoral level and eventually become a professor. He wants to get people riled up about literature and… Read more »

Maddy Aby

Maddy is a student at MIT studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She loves to read and write in her spare time.

Dylan Hansen-Fliedner

Dylan Hansen-Fliedner is a Philadelphia based filmmaker and poet. He has published three books of poetry, including correspondence (2012)—advised by Kenneth Goldsmith; as well as Linger In Heat (2013) and P(auto)COET (2013, with Jay Jadick), both advised by Charles Bernstein. He is the co-director/co-editor/co-cinematographer/co-writer of Driving Not Knowing, a forthcoming feature film and the co-founder… Read more »