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Suspended (of) the formal capacity to sample and thereby preserve such samples according to the conditions from which they appeared

If the functional capacity of an extant factor to apprehend extant x is intrinsically suspended, and the factor thereby ‘subsists’ as inexistent (i.e. neutral) for (albeit intrinsic to) any structure which determines x, then the capacity for that inexistent to support such x remains unaffordable. Thus, e.g. x cannot support the iteration of p, q,…

Stefan Karlsson

Stefan Karlsson recently graduated with a degree in English-Creative Writing-Poetry from UCLA, where he served as Executive Editor of the university’s literary journal, Westwind. He was awarded the 2012 Fred Weld Herman Memorial Prize from The Academy of American Poets and the 2012 Falling Leaves Creative Writing Prize, awarded by the UCLA Department of English…. Read more »


half autobiographic stories, half collection of poems, all a personal tale of growing and learning. the pupa is slowly cracking its shell.

Brendan R. Bercik

Brendan R. Bercik works at the intersections of live art and technology in Philadelphia. He is the Summer 2014 Curatorial Fellow of Live Cinema at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Department of Contemporary Art. He currently works as Technical Director for the Project Arts production of Avenue Q at The Rotunda. He has also worked… Read more »

Oren Mabb

Oren Mabb is doing temp work in Portland, OR while he figures out his next move.


This is a book of okcupid poetry. All the text has been taken from the language of the site: profile templates, dropdown menus, the site’s “about” page, help pages, etc. Nothing was taken from personal profiles or messages. And yes, I have used the site personally, so this is not intended to be critical or… Read more »

Palimpsest: Columbus

Families exist. Many know this. Everywhere something is done. Some one does it. When it is finished, it’s done. Some do things. In families people do things. Everyone who does things belongs to a family. Everyone does it in a way that’s natural to them. It is not always completely natural. Sometimes it is completely… Read more »

Amy Strawbridge

Born in Lafayette, Indiana. Adopted at three days old. Raised in Indianapolis, Indiana


This is a 20-page chapbook of writing depicting devotion that eats away, that eats.