Finnegan Blake

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Finnegan Blake is a writer from Dublin, Ireland, although he now lives in a little village up in the North of England, accommodated in between Scotland and God knows what else. He doesn’t go out much, by choice, as he prefers to stay at home with his wife and cat, drinking tea and reading the classics, occasionally going out to the post office to mail his poems to his alter-ego, Hugo Ferraz Gomes, a lunatic lad who is currently pursuing a career as a self-righteous scholar in what was once called Lusitania by some hard-nosed Romans. He has been published in Porto, Dublin, and someplace else he cannot quite recall, although the place-name does resemble the image of an ornamented teapot, coloured with the hues of the West, and brimming with a strange beverage not unlike, in taste, the Irish coffee. He has also written short-stories, novels, essays, patient information leaflets, and other assorted literary material, being a gentleman of modest experience and quick wit, and having been adorned with vast knowledge of the Empire and its subjects.