Sang Woo Lee

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Have been a student in Sogang university, Korea, my major was Business administration. My major was not my own plan but my parents forced me to study business because business is more easier to make money than studying art in Korea. So I taught myself art by reading books and meeting people in the art world. This experience gives me unconventional point of view to focus on authority on our daily routine, public system and traditions which urge us to choose unwanted decisions and actions.

I’m keep concentrating on reversing or collapsing the “authority” which we don’t notice pressing us in our daily routine. The general public think their collective behavior patterns or preferences make their own culture, rules or system. But when systems or cultures around us reveal their hidden identities, made not by our will but the system itself, we might feel surprised and uncomfortable because it’s against our common idea and undermines our stability.

By removing authority, I’m breaking “taboo”s around our lives which contain social or cultural intentions, through many ways like performances, photos, poems videos and so on. The uncomfortable feeling that I provoke may help people to see which intentions and misunderstandings are laying in our life unnoticed.

Sang-woo, LEE
Born in Seoul, Korea, 1990
Currently lives and works in Seoul

2008 quit Deagu Foreign Language Highschool
2009 qualification exam for higher education
2010 Business administration in Sogang university, Seoul, Korea