Sine Die

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Sine Die’s work is about the experimentation between poetry, videos, pictures and performance.
My work’s central thematic is linked to the investigation of the feminine, through documents, letters and different items that normally women used, items that particularly belongs to my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother.
The interdisciplinary game has being always present in my artistic work.
(2005) I published “Eronías” in Chile, which was my first book of poetry, (2008) “Sine Die”, a work in progress book (
(January 2014) I had an important participation in “Intersections”, an activity by Paper Magazine New York. On that occasion I installed all the visual work around the book “Sine Die” and a performance during the 2 days of activity, there was also possible to find a very interesting dialogue between music, poetry, interventions and many others artist’s books.
(September 2013) Supported by the Chilean Ministry of Culture, I was part New York Art Book Fair at the Moma Museum and I was also invited for performing, music and poetry to Local Proyect gallery, McNally Jackson Books library and Book Thug Nation library.
In recent years I have deepened in performance, heaving a remarkable participation during three consecutive years in The Performance Festival “Posta Sur”, that took place in southern Chile; 2011 Concepción, 2012 Temuco, 2013 Valdivia. And Biennial “Desformes” 2012 Santiago, Chile.
As a member of the artistic collective “A la Sombra”, we develop writing and visual arts workshops in different jails of Chile and these workshops have led three anthologies books of poetry and paintings developed in workshops by participating inmates:
“A la Sombra” 2008
“Boquitas de Cereza” 2009
“Ecos de Cemento” 2010
Three books published by Alquimia publishing house.
Each year develop documentaries of the working process of inmate’s creative process.