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Philipe F. Augusto

Philipe F. Augusto is a Curator and Cultural Producer who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


This book is a curatorial work that investigates the written word as a driving practice to new creative actions with intersections between art, critique and curatorial practices, performing arts and literature.

Hugo Crema

Hugo Crema was born in Brasília in 1990. Among other things, he writes poetry and prose.

Thiago Gallego

Thiago Gallego (21) lives in Rio de Janeiro, where he studies Filmmaking at PUC-Rio and is a founding member of the “Bliss não tem bis” collective – which promotes meetings of spoken poetry. He also maintains a blog on poetry and in late 2013 edited a poetry magazine in audio format, which was released as… Read more »

Yasmin Thayná

Yasmin Thayná tem 21 anos, nasceu em Nova Iguaçu, na Baixada Fluminense do Rio de Janeiro e cresceu na Vila Iguaçuana, em Santa Rita. Começou a rabiscar quando decidiu entrar para o grupo de jovens repórteres de sua cidade onde participou como repórter do projeto “memórias do cárcere”, realizado na 52ª DP. Aprendeu a pensar… Read more »

Eugênia Pessoa Hanitzsch

Eugênia Pessoa Hanitzsch has long dreamed about being a writer. As she was also interested in arts and visual communication, she started studying Design in 2009 at the University of São Paulo (USP). She is currently finishing her undergraduate studies at USP as well as researching contemporary art . That is the reason she went to Karlsruhe,… Read more »

Visual Diary

This book aims to be the visual diary of Thomas Schell, a character from Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. The quotes are from the book. The pictures of Otávio Guercia Mesquita Coelho were taken by me.