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Ce livre est issu de textes composés à partir de bribes de conversations entendues dans la rue. Les phrases ont été assemblées selon un principe de séquences, ponctuées de didascalies qui constituent pour moi des souvenirs des conditions de leur énonciation. Ces textes sont en priorité destinés à une lecture à voix haute, pour mettre… Read more »

Dalina Perdomo

Dalina Aimee is an English Literature student at UPRM and violinist in the Puerto Rican musical group Güaybaná. She enjoys spending her time doing things related to the aforementioned, as well as trying her hand at theatre, photography, and art (?). She is currently writing this bio and thinks it sounds weird but it’s probably… Read more »

Clara Dubasenca Obras Completas Tomo III

Volume three of The Collected Works of Clara Dubasenca contains texts written during the period the author spent in the north of her childhood. This edition includes the letters between Clara Dubasenca and Erik Maszkovitch and it is divided in three other parts whose titles refer to the last verse of volume two. Didn’t cease… Read more »

Federico Calle Jorda

Federico Calle Jordá a Colombian-Venezuelan poet living in France. For most of my youth I’ve lived travelling arround the world’s hotspots following my nomadic parent’s humanitarian footsteps. Since then, I’ve been trying to avoid growing old to quickly by writing lve poems in the shadow of young french girls, pretending to study litterature in several… Read more »

Alba Ballesta

Alba Ballesta has always had the feeling that many words don’t really fit into objects or people they describe. Alba Ballesta is not so sure her name is Alba Ballesta and is afraid of imposture. She pretends to be several people on a blog:

Cartografías de la luz

It is a bilingual collection of mostly love poems, written in a long period ranging from 2005 to 2014. It could be read as a secret autobiography…

Emma Ramadan

Emma Ramadan studied Comparative Literature at Brown University and is now pursuing a Master’s in Cultural Translation at The American University of Paris. Her translation of Anne Parian’s Monospace is forthcoming from La Presse, and her translation of Anne F. Garréta’s Sphinx is forthcoming from Deep Vellum. Her writing has appeared in journals such as… Read more »

Felix Purat

Felix Purat is a malfunctioning Berkeley byproduct. A Graduate from the now-defunct Cultural Translation MA program at the American University of Paris, he now lives in Bohemia where the rivers flow with pilsner beer and pessimism. An aspiring full-time writer, A Drinking Horn of Accumulated Expiries is his debut collection. Elsewhere, Felix has had poems… Read more »


This is a 20-page chapbook of writing depicting devotion that eats away, that eats.