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נְעוּרַיִם NEORAIM

Of Grandfatherly gentleness I’m devoid, there’s not a single grey hair in my soul! Thundering the world with the might of my voice, I go by – handsome, twenty-two-year-old. From the prologue of A Cloud in Trousers Vladimir Mayakovsky The book which you are reading is a conceptual experiment – it holds 44 poems which… Read more »

Logos, Lexis, Legό

Logos, Lexis, Lego is a short poetic sequence that aims to combine elements of Collage, Projective Verse and Open Verse Notation using found text from a variety of sources and my own writing. My poem takes you through an extraordinary collage where juxtaposed text creates a challenging, thought-provoking work that conceals poems within poems and… Read more »

Natalie Shafrir

Natalie Shafrir, 24, Canadian born. Raised in Tel Aviv from the age of 5. Independent producer of conceptual culture events Great believer in the art of saloon poetry and dinning. Starts her literature B.A in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, fall 2014 Currently living in Tel Aviv.

Noa Shakargy

Noa Shakargy (1989) poet and editor. Working in the ‘Poetry Place’ (; studying for Masters’ degree at the Comunication department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Founder of the POEMA Facebook page. born and lives in jerusalem.

Finnegan Blake

Finnegan Blake is a writer from Dublin, Ireland, although he now lives in a little village up in the North of England, accommodated in between Scotland and God knows what else. He doesn’t go out much, by choice, as he prefers to stay at home with his wife and cat, drinking tea and reading the classics, occasionally… Read more »

Apóstrofe, Apostrophe

A war hero is forgotten. A writer is hanged. A German composer passes away. A nation is deconstructed. A gathering of beat poets goes terribly wrong… Twice! A train station becomes sentient and decides to speak its mind. A mythological being forgets his pocket watch at home. Apóstrofe, Apostrophe, a strange collection of seemingly unconnected… Read more »

Daniele Bellomi

Daniele Bellomi lives in Monza and work as a private teacher. He’s achieving a Master Degree in Lettere Moderne at the University of Milan. He’s the co-founder and editor, with Manuel Micaletto, of the blog-project plan de clivage: the project is focused on experimental poetry, non-narrative texts and asemic writing. He’s an author of the… Read more »

sequenze arbitrarie (prose non narrative, 2009-2013)

sequenze arbitrarie (prose non narrative, 2009-2013) is the result of a selection done on a wide range of non-narrative texts written in the past four years: some of them were previously published online, some others were published on reviews. The title could be translated as “arbitrary sequences”: the arbitrarity concerns the use of aleatory techniques… Read more »

Yuval Plotkin

I was born in Bat Yam, grew up in Rishon LeZion, studied at an agricultural school, got terribly sick for about an year, suddenly got cured, worked at the national military radio station, traveled to Cuba, moved to Tel Aviv and started to study Literature and Philosophy in the university.