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Sang Woo Lee

Have been a student in Sogang university, Korea, my major was Business administration. My major was not my own plan but my parents forced me to study business because business is more easier to make money than studying art in Korea. So I taught myself art by reading books and meeting people in the art… Read more »

Emilia Batchelor

Emilia is 23 and lives in Seoul. She reads and writes online on Twitter and Tumblr. She enjoys people and writing that involve disclosure, often over sharing. Emilia has had fiction and poetry in Tincture and Scum Mag (Australia) and Affectionate Journal (US). 171cm, lazy eye, perma-destroyed fingernails on the index and middle finger on… Read more »

Lunch meat

This book includes one short story entitled ‘Story’, a collection of poems written over January 2014 in Seoul, and a longer fiction piece entitled ‘Veronica’s Bo Bo’. Each piece is stylistically different, a small exhibit of my writing interests and directions at this point. I am interested in the way insular things like perception and… Read more »