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Poetry for Publishing

This book started as a way of “letting it all out”. I noticed that whenever I had strong feelings about something/ someone, they came out in a pretty deep way, so I decided to start writing them down in this small, teal notebook. When I was informed about the program, about 2-3 weeks ago I… Read more »

Nikoll Miranda

Currently studying chemical engineering at University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. Loves to write/read, sing, paint/draw & do sports.


Ephemeral is a story about love that never wanted to be a love story – all at once. It’s the ones that happened, and the ones that didn’t, it’s a yearning for something both concrete and chimeric, it’s burning the poems you never wanted to write to the one you weren’t supposed to want, and… Read more »

Desiree Soltero

Desiree Soltero is a full time student, part time barista, aspiring writer, avid doodler and human being. She is currently working on her English Lit BA, though her interests span a broad field, from freelance illustration to the coffee industry. Her work has been featured on blogging platforms and she plans to work on her… Read more »

These Are Better When You Scream

Poems about girls. Poems about life. Spoken Word poems. Long poems. Poems composed walking down the street with just a pocketful of change and nowhere to go but everywhere. This is my poetry.

Ian Rolón

Ian Rolón is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts in English Literature program at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez Campus and is currently pursuing a teaching certification to further his studies. Ian is a published writer of poetry, a freelance substitute teacher, and is currently working on far too many novels and projects… Read more »

Los tiempos jurásicos

“Los tiempos jurásicos”, Kevin Castro. Escrito entre 2011 y 2012, publicado en 2013 por C.A.C.A. Editores, editorial del autor.

Nicole Fraticelli

Nicole Fraticelli currently resides in Puerto Rico with three cats. She has collaborated in the independent compilations Anders Behring Breivik No. 3 (2012), Editorial Cerebro: Soldiers of the Word (2012), and participates with the Puerto Rican literary collective Chocarrer@s. More of her work is soon to appear in an anthology being published by Gato Malo… Read more »

Nothing is Real

A compilation of poetry and photos/illustrations by a misanthropic humanitarian who really enjoys contradictions. What do you get when you cross an English Literature student, violins, The Beatles, and a fierce love of coffee? This book, apparently.