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Dream Fragments Without Cover Sheet

These poems are from my first published book called “cu genunchii la gură and from the anthology ”tranzbordare13”. Someone told me that my poems can be placed “under the sign of silence”.

Poetry 1

Stream of consciousness narratives; these poems capture thoughts, conversations, memories and stories constructing a new reality out of truth.

Deanna Rose Smith

Deanna Smith is currently studying Fine Art at Newcastle University. Her practice often employs semi-autobiographical themes relating to her personal interaction with the world and others around her. She has a particular interest in the field of mental health, exploring how social constructs can affect the individual.


A grand gathering of life fragments thrown together between the covers of a book.

Sarah Grundy

Sarah Grundy is currently an art student at Newcastle University. She considers poetry and music to be a vital part of her artistic practice and aims to create honest and raw pieces of work. She is heavily influenced by the work of Charles Baudelaire and Bertolt Brecht, who’s work has paved the way for Sarah’s particular interest… Read more »


This book SERCANTE is made of two parts. SERCANTE SERCANTE and SERCANTE NL’CAO. The first part is a selection of desert poetry, the second part directions to nl’cao from Albuquerque airport. Nl’cao is an acre patch of desert in New Mexico owned by Isaac Clarke and Lindsay McMillan


This book contains poetry often of a dystopian nature, unashamedly pessimistic. It aims at being hard-hitting, grasping serious topics mixed with dark humour.

Isaac Clarke

Isaac Clarke is an artist based in the north of England.

Wild Woodbine

The following chapters are written by appropriating text from four different collections of Cigarette Cards manufactured in the 1920s. In each case, the numbered cards provide a unique structure and care has been taken to remove all direct reference to the collection’s subject matter.