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Poetry will be made by all!
After Babel Stockholm Sessions

Curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist for 89plus with Kenneth Goldsmith, Luna Miguel and Giovanna Olmos.

89plus After Babel Stockholm Sessions
Tuesday, 9 June at 12 noon–2 pm
In the Coffee Bar
Language: English and Swedish
Admission free

Participants: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Daniel Birnbaum and new voices from Stockholm 89plus Open Call.

89plus invited poets, visual artists, authors, architects, filmmakers, musicians, designers, choreographers, researchers and technologists born in 1989 or later to participate.

Poetry will be made by all!
Saturday, 13 June, at 1 pm–4.30 pm
In After Babel
Language: English, and others

Participating poets: Etel Adnan, Rachael Allen, Ho Rui An, Caroline Bergvall, Sophie Collins, Andrew Durbin, Robert Glück, Kenneth Goldsmith, Luna Miguel, Eileen Myles, Giovanna Olmos, Claudia Pages, Bunny Rogers and Jesse Stecklow. Along with new voices from the Stockholm 89plus Open Call: Philip Berlin & Louise Dahl, Elis Burrau, Arvida Byström & Maja Malou Lyse, The Council for Grand Art, Natalia Marina Fuentes Araya, Georg Nordmark, Rojda Sekeröz and Klara Ström. Moderators: Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

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Thu 30 Jan


15:00 Maja Hoffmann: LUMA introduction

15:10 Hans Ulrich Obrist: 89plus introduction

15:15 Simon Castets: 89Plus introduction

15:20 Kenneth Goldsmith: Poetry introduction

15:25 Danny Snelson: Poetry introduction

15:30 Momoyo Kaijima: Atelier Bow Wow introduction

15:40 Kevin McGarry: Film introduction



15:50 Sophia Le Fraga

16:10 Karl Holmqvist

16:30 Steve Roggenbuck

16:50 Caroline Bergvall

17:10 Harry Burke

17:30 Ronald Hunt

17:40 Robert Barry, “Untitled, a continuous performance”

19:00 Tracie Morris

19:20 Eugen Gomringer

19:40 Etel Adnan & Eugenie Paultre

20:00 Trisha Low

20:20 Beatrix Ruf introduces Sang Woo Lee

20:40 Robert Whitman

21:00 Mashinka Firunts

21:20 Stefano Boeri

21:40 Andrew Durbin

21:30 Amalia Ulman

22:00 Kenneth Goldsmith

22:20 Dena Yago

22:40 Danny Snelson

22:55 Josh Bitelli

23:00 Rui An Ho

23:20 Ed Atkins performance

23:40 Mendi+Keith Obadike

00:00 Anton Bruhin

Fri 31 Jan

14:00 89± // Coffee & conversation with participants

15:20 Tao Lin

15:40 Christian Bök